NBC Fucks Up Report on Michael Cohen


Originally published at: NBC Fucks Up Report on Michael Cohen | Infostormer.com

The media’s only job is to report who, what, when, why and how. They’ve long since abandoned that job and can no longer be trusted to even do just that.

Here we see NBC News fucking up a report on Michael Cohen supposedly being wiretapped. And these were the same assholes who criticized Donald Trump for using the term “wiretapping” to describe how he was being illegally spied on by the government. And they actually wonder why people hate them.


I think it’s funny a bit of topic but CBS and Viacom are in the middle of a merger and I feel like the only sane one saying they are both owned by Sumner Redstone. The dirty Jew who had 2 grown ass men dressed as boy scouts who had taken a large amount of exlax and had explosive diarrhea on two unsuspecting young girls. MTV Nickelodeon BET and countless others are all owned by this sick individual.


Redstone’s media holdings reminds me of the old joke about the farmer who had 2 and a third piles of manure in one field, 1 and three quarters piles in another field, and 2 and four fifths piles in his last field. When he puts all that shit together, how many piles does he have? Show your work, LOL.


there must be Sum Ting Wong at the corporate offices of NBC.