National socialist montary policy


I hear many NS say that they believe that monetary policy should be based on Aryan productivity. I am not very smart explain how will it be done and how it beats a Bimetallism



Gottfried Feder was the primarily economic consultant of the early NSDAP regarding financial independence from the parasitic debt-finance-currency. His fundamental economic ideals provided the basis for Germany’s socio-economic revival while the rest of the world, particularly the United States wallowed in depression.

In practice, the Nazis’ economic policies were an amalgam of protectionism, quasi-Keynesian stimulus programs, heavy spending on arms production, generous subsidies for agriculture and small businesses, and close relationships between the state and industries considered vital for a strong military, such as the iron and coal industries. To the extent that a common theme characterized these policies, it was one of economic nationalism.
A rebirth of Germany, the Nazi miracle.


Keynesianism. Didn’t that led to the market fall in the 70s(US) and also wasn’t he a homosexual. Homosexuals having shortsighteness


@Edgecel pretty good read.