NASA investigates the first allegation of criminal activity in SPACE: Astronaut is accused of accessing her wife's bank account from the International Space Station during their messy divorce


First dyke in space tries to scam her wife.


We women can’t get our shit straight on earth and you expect shooting us into space can fix things? Pshhhh, men are dumb. This is what NASA gets for not having National Socialism.


Excellent point. But in addition fags & dykes are just fundamentally dishonest.


The future belongs to Russia, China, India, Brazil and Iran. The Great Satan has become a laughingstock. Like the Fuhrer said America is too Africanized and Judaized to last for very long.


Brb, hockey mom fight going down at Minnesota State Fair.


Hopefully something better can rise from the ashes.


Fucking hate the state fair and my job. Just want to reveal my power level and overthrow ZOG.


@Reichprinzessin This is where we should be by now, madame:



This was my wallpaper a year ago.


In Minecraft or SimCity.


Did you ever see “Iron Sky”?


@Reichprinzessin No madame, I have not. Would you recommend it?


Yes but don’t expect to much from it. Enjoyed the possibility of NSDAP on the Moon. It’s supposed to be a dark comedy/sci-fi but it was made by Finnish people so some of the humour comes off dry. The end sucks but there is plenty of fun before that.



This poster makes the movie look better than it is. Laibach does the soundtrack and does a damn good job! Allegedly they made a sequel regarding hollow earth and the Vril society but haven’t seen it yet.


There’s not a day goes past that I don’t think about what Europe would be like today if the Kikes didnt con fellow whites into destroying the Reich, Europe has been wrecked, I was in Koln recently and the airport security were almost all turks or one of those races , and they were arrogant bastards.

Frankfurt is like south east London, and even smaller places like Bochum are littered with the whore of zions (Merkel) imports.


There is this rant that the blonde does finishing up with “your world is sick, and we are the doctors”. Try not sieg heiling after that!


This springs to mind!!!


I needed a new social security card a few years ago in Minneapolis. Everybody behind the counter was Somali and when I got annoyed they called for their supervisor and spoke in whatever gibberspeak in front of me. I miss America.


Obongo flooded the place with those bastards, I wish someone would split that bastards wig!!