Nancy Pelosi Needs to Fuck Off and Die


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I’m really getting sick of this Nancy Pelosi cunt. How the hell did this wax faced bitch become the Speaker of the House of Representatives? It’s a national disgrace. She’s stupid as shit and is always mumbling incoherently like she’s been binge drinking bottles of wine.

She just accused Donald Trump of being involved in some type of cover up relating to the Russia hoax. This effectively sabotaged infrastructure negotiations between the two sides. She even demanded Trump’s staff and family to do an intervention.

Look, I’m totally disgruntled with Trump. Primarily because he has not secured the border and is just letting goblin hordes come into the country to feed off of us. And sure, you could argue that this isn’t totally his fault, but he’s the fucking President and he has the ability to do much more than he has. Plus, you have all the Make Israel Great Again nonsense. But this shit Pelosi is doing is just plain fucking retarded.

If Pelosi and the Democrats hate Trump so much and believe that he is involved in a massive criminal conspiracy despite Bob Mueller’s $40 million report stating otherwise, than just fucking impeach him already. Quit jerking us off with this shit and impeach him.

This soap opera circus with Pelosi and the Democrats is getting too much to handle. It isn’t a good political strategy unless of course they are doing this intentionally to help get Trump re-elected. I mean, the American people are sick of this Russia hoax shit. They want to move on from it and they want to see the politicians in Washington DC address real issues. This country has lots of problems and senile fucktards like Pelosi want to spend all their energy and resources on hoaxes and manufactured scandals. They’re not even bothering to attack Trump on real tangible things they could legitimately go after him on. It’s all about Russia and tax returns. Nobody gives a flying fuck about these things.

What a fucking shit show this is. I sincerely hope this evil bitch drops dead so I can piss on her grave.


clearly The Democrats are insane and only wish to rattle the cage rather than manage our nation. we’re on the brink of nuclear war with Russia and China and The Mid-East is one false-flag away from total war… the national debt is out-of-control and there are millions of diseased invaders flooding our country from The South but all Nancee talks about is how much she hates Trump. the bitch is out of hormones and common sense.


Well, Mighty took all of the takes I wanted to make so I guess I will have an In and Out burger on this globalists grave. Oops! Had to much pop. [Pisses on her grave]. No joke, I will seriously go to all the parties celebrating her death. Power levels be damned!


Her abrasive arrogance and sense of entitlement makes her even more obnoxious.


Her chutzpah is only exceeded by her kvetching. Prototype shabbas goy.


These people need to be literally round up and hanged…fuck it , i’m having a t-bone steak for breakfast


Pelosi & Feinstein live in San Francisco, the arm pit of the West Coast. These two have not concept of what is needed for the country. Both multi-millionaires, out of touch with their constituants. They both love the power. Feinstein is a Jew who takes her orders from fellow Jew Schumer.




Side note, for a proper diet you should follow the King-prince,pauper technique. Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day and I endorse Steak and Hashbrowns as the official breakfast of White People.


Get a load of this. The lamestream media is now playing conspiracy theory and saying the reason she looks so bad in this video is because it was doctored. You read that right. She looks like a walking corpse, an old leftover Soviet era Bolshevik whose main purpose in life is the destruction of the United States. And look how the media will excuse her and all the others no matter what.


Look at her official picture and tell me that does not look Soviet ish.


Nevermind, got scrubbed. As a female, I understand bad optics more than my White Brothers so I get why she deleted a bunch of pics. No woman wants to look ugly. Regardless of the fact she has vagina neck which having protein in your diet prevents. She is never going to pull the smart grandma meme and might just lose her base because she over-flexed. I really hope she runs against Trump because it will be cheat day my house and pizza and Russian vodka. She will flex if Biden gets a negitive reaction. Take that to the bookie. Also, Bruins in 5.


i had scalloped potatoes with it and some fruit


Trump’s presidency mirrors Bill Clinton’s so it is strange that the Dems don’t at least tolerate him.


Clinton bombed Christians in Texas and Serbia. I almost agreed with you.


Has anyone seen RBG lately? I haven’t heard about her in a while.



Wasn’t there some weird shit going on between him and Nancy Pelosi?



Your post reminded me of the Pelosi connection to Jim Jones and it involves many different elements and evil people.


As does TrumpCo. The libs are shit but Trump is bonafide insane and on a war power Trip. He’s definitely going to attack Iran and Syria for the pos Jews and pence is telling “diverse” US troops to prepare for war in S. America. …I predict that the USA will be at war on several fronts during the 2020 elections or shortly thereafter if Trump wins.