N-Word is worth saying


We have to get over our white privelege and white people. We are the only people who are expected to accomplish this. While MTV and numerous other outlets promote the complete degeneracy of all people

Read the intro…
Tell me this is just music. It’s war.

They’re being used by the chosen people to overthrow the destruction of our people.

All other “people” are allowed to capitalise upon and propagandize our population with bullsh,it affirming their right to over power us with their twerk videos.

F this before its too late. Take a stand. This fat ass worship is disgusting. Their fakeness is disgusting.


The nigger is the biological warfare weapon of the jew. Any parent who gives their child free access to the jew-stream media will lose them.


All non-Whites who wish to live around Whites (the nano-second they get enough shekels) - that is A-OK and proof they’ve “made it” in the White man’s racist world.

Whites who wish to live around other Whites are Nazis, haters and bigots.

This is the fucked-up world we’re forced to live in.


At this point the educational system is as bad as the MSM.


Nothing weak about white power.White generals and a white president look over 100 US military bases in
non-white nations. White military muscle is the boss man everywhere. They have earned it and will keep it.


They are both weapons in the hands of our racial enemies, used to indoctrinate Whites with self-hatred and toxic altruism. The jew-controlled mass media is the greatest danger to the survival of the White race, in my opinion. Dr. William Pierce stated this repeatedly.


Parents have been letting their children be propagandized to the level of absurdity. My daughters mom actually wants to defend Cardi B Drake Nicki Minaj etc as “talented”. I can’t believe it is a point of contention but if that is a hill she wants to fight on… so be it.


It’s all so tiresome #THANKSJEWS


Women are like children; they need a strong hand to keep them in line. Unfortunately, the legal system punishes men who try to do that, which results in women being destroyed by their own stupidity and the destruction of the children they “care” for. Anybody who thinks men just need to man up and take control of their women is a naive fool. The only way White men will get back control of their women is for the system that hates them to be replaced.


After years of indoctrination as well as being raised by a single mom I wanted so desperately to believe this was not true but it is.

I was taught to love muh gays muh niggas muh chosen people muh system.

It’s been a long road to here but glad I am.