Mulatto Bitch on a Train


if you thought that Snakes on a Plane were bad wait till you see this Mulatto Bitch on a Train. this is one uppity nightmare…


That’s the NJ Transit. I can identify the interior. Well that’s jersey. Deal with it, lol


lol… yeah, and they all come down to florida and bring their attitude with them.


Oh yeah especially the frumpy or snooki wannabe Boomer snowbirds


I don’t know wot that means but it sounds funny!


That’s the dreaded Snooki. She is NOT Italian but a spic adopted and raised by a Italian family in New York shitty.

Snooki and the Jersey shore crew.
Back then they were filming them at Seaside heights. They cast a bad light on rest of us Italians. One Italian club in ocean County wrote an open letter shunning them for such.
One season, they all went to Italy and gets filmed there. The locals hate em and gave the boot.


To add, frumpy ones are the kikes.


that hoor at the top is a tandoori.


Yeah ure right. Actually a gypsy from Chile look at this-