MS-13 goddamn this 13 character minimum!


clearly civilization will be stuck with these vicious killers forever UNLESS governments put a bounty on their heads and allow WE THE PEOPLE to shoot them on-sight. this is the only solution. MS-13 is abusing the democratic process which requires that they be proven guilty and can’t be arrested unless they are caught committing a crime. fuck that! round them up and kill them.

but liberals will come to their defense and put them on Tee Vee as victims. one pos talked about how wonderful are they and that they “ride their bikes to school”. how nice…


A lot of them are already here illegally. They should be subject to immediate deportation without any kind of appeals process.

Of course I much prefer immediate execution.


We should build that wall out of their bones.


or at least adorn The Wall with their skulls and bones. that might get their attention…