Moving inside Minnesota


Looking at various properties in metro Twin Cities region. Mound looks nice but never been there. I have no love for Hennepin County aka Minneapolis, aka New Somalia. Don’t get me wrong, love my North Star State but even Dakota County (south of St. Paul) is getting ghetto. In West St. Paul you can tell via bus stops. Near Target and Cub Foods are clean. Go 2 blocks near Walmart and you find trash and local wildlife asking the traditional Twin Cities greeting “can I get a cigarette?”


When I lived in Minneapolis I used to say, in a fake accent “one day I will live in America” The damn Aldi store needed security and niggers tried to sell EBT outside. Antifa put posters and stickers on lampposts. Cops just shrugged.


Sorry not from that area, have nothing to offer to that but

By the time I get to work I’ve had 4 junkies begging for gibs. Pull up to the pump - “yo can uh pump dat fo u”.
Walk in to pay - there’s someone holding the door for everyone that enters in hopes of a dime: “excooze me you got a quarter so uh kin rahd da bus”.
Getting out of car at work - “coose me, …”

Going to a corner store in some areas as a straight white male is brutal. They think you have money because you have work pants & boots on with your hair neatly combed.
I want to be like “look at my hands bitch. See the dirt under my nails?”

/end random complaining


Yikes, can relate. My Man doesn’t want me to commute anymore yet we need the income. I have had incidents, as documented in my own thotish style. In the Twin Cities you have to worry about black guys in the summer and black ice in winter. Heat truly brings out the wild in the dindu. The realtor is sending over someone who has an Asian name yet sounds black. Going to leave up my Kriegsfahne and let my credit report take care of the rest. Wish me luck!