More Goyim Pawns Sacrificed to Israel


i couple years ago i talked to a guy who had recently joined the US military and told him that they would use him to fight wars for Israel. he said that he knew but is going to be a mechanic so he wasn’t worried. mechanic or not, if they order you into combat you must go… furthermore, you are selling your soul to The Devil by joining the most evil military that ever existed. a military so evil that it torture-murders thousands of their own people to take the country to war on lies.

Trumpy McTrumpface now has his own Vietnam in Afghanistan. Candidate Trump knew that sending in more troops to the Mid-East quagmire was ill advised but President Trump puts in thousands more goyim pawns who’s win strategy is to drive around in armored vehicles until they hit an IED. the muslims defending their country have got to be LOL at us…


Really sad all the best white men die in war while the degenerate trash inherites the country. This happened in Vietnam where the draft dodging Beetles fan melt their brains with drugs and alcohol and then spew garbage given to them by some Jewish catlady