Monkey People Attack Rob yes again


the black magic of The Video Camera is lost on violent Monkey People. they keep attacking and keep getting caught on video but don’t hide their faces because they lack the mental acuity to understand the basics of electronic technology. but this isn’t a bad thing at all.

these five monkeys went out on a stroll and decided to slash a guy in the head and steal a whopping $60.00 so that they could afford text books for college but were caught on camera so now instead of becoming ‘ellectikal inginears’ day gunna bee numbas own a preeson roster.


Video cameras don’t matter if the media won’t report it and law won’t prosecute them.

Cops often put them back on the metro - after they’ve rampaged, raged, destroyed property, assaulted Whites - and that’s the end of it.

We need more Whites to defend themselves against these vile, filthy beasts - b/c no one else will.

Problem is, Whites are arrested for defending themselves in this fucked- up world.


Obama himself spearheaded a move to only punish white kids so that that his monkey brethren didn’t get criminal records which would keep them from achieving their goal of becoming nuclear physicists.


That’s not working out so well in the schools where you cannot suspend or expel black kids b/c racism - no matter what the crime - assault, robbery, mayhem, destruction of property, etc.

Colin Flaherty covers this in his podcasts - says teachers are walking out of black schools the very first week - so many that districts are taking them to court for breech of contract.


Both of u guys got good points @MightyWhitey @Bon it’s a shame really. All it does will just redpilled more whites to our side! And… Stay the fuck away from b’klyn! It’s just all expensive real estate and dangerous Really! Jews own many properties there and yet never set foot there lolz. Many of areas there has been gentrified but crime is still there cuz of :rainbow: diversity!