Monika Schaefer's Talk at Fash Bash


Monika Schaefer’s Talk at Fash Bash
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the video won’t play here nor on youtube.



“Fash Bash”? What is this event? I never heard of it.


this woman is a terrible speaker. i couldn’t watch…



I couldn’t listen to the whole the whole thing but her trial was not recorded no transcript was taken the public gallery was cleared of law students and was muted for a time. Basically extremely heavy censorship in the “freest German state”. She talked a lot of nonsense, but I recommend listening.


Interesting Fashy optics.

I don’t think she’s a bad speaker, just a bit of a rambler, plus English isn’t her first language either my dudes.



I find her to be quite compelling. She comes across as a friend having a casual chat, which makes the outrageous treatment she received all the more flagrant.