Minneapolis: "they're just poisoning the whole neighborhood now."


tl;dr Jew mayor hires Somali cops, crime gets worse


" Friday’s shootings were a repeat of a familiar pattern: a shooting on one gang’s turf is usually followed hours, if not minutes later by an “eye-for-an-eye” response so as not to appear weak, community members say."
Well, I’ve heard these Somalis are peaceful loving members of the community so the obvious problem is…guns. Yes, take away the guns and everyone will get along just fine.


What a mess the west is in… fucking Somali cops in the USA… smh!!! America will end up in a hot civil war(as opposed to the current cold civil war).


the only thing that Obama/Bush’s multiculturalism did was spread inner-city nigger violence to clean, safe white areas. just watch, “white flight” will hit these newly formed shitholes. i know a German speaking German girl who has family there. he wants OUT. … i told him, "i’ll trade you some Haitians for your Somalis. now, i’m having 2nd thoughts… choose your poison, white-man.