Michelle Malkin Receives Standing Ovation at CPAC for Slamming ‘The Ghost of


this was the speech that should have been given when McCain was alive. Michelle rips the DePublicans for destroying America and specifically calls out the ghost of Johnny Warboy and the Bush family. it was a truly wonderful moment. she basically called neocons, un-american assholes who sold out their countrymen and disgraced their party by flooding America with savages.



the best part is that they can’t accuse her of being ‘raciss’ because she’s a “person of color”. only whites can be racists.


In general I’ve always liked Malkin but like any other non-whites on this side, I’m left asking ‘what is in it for this person?’ AFAIK her husband is white.

Also I heard that VDARE people were disallowed from CPAC, yet Malkin has contributed to VDARE.