Mestizo governor of irrelevant shithole island wanna be state threatens Trump


If Puerto Rico becomes a state, Israel would no longer rank below every US state in IQ.



Bullies are people who shower you with money and aid?


cut off all aid to this nigger shithole.


Just fucking secede now!


Puerto Ricans are niggers that speak a white mans language , Spanish.


Ex-governor of irrelevant shithole.


Puerto Spico has outlived its usefulness as a coaling station for US Navy vessels and as a base for American control of the Panama Canal. That island’s only two functions now are to provide millions of votes for the Democrat party and to colonize parts of Jew York City.


It’s really awful how spics ruin and give bad fame to such a beautiful romance language like Spanish, that once was used to write beautiful things like the Quixote. Latin American Spanish in general is to European Spanish like Ebonics is to English.


I remember Daniel Carver being on (((The Howard Stern Show))) on a skit called, “Homeless Howiewood Squares”. Carver was asked by (((Howard))) his opinion of Puerto Ricans and he said, “Puerto Ricans aren’t nothing but light-skinned niggers”.