Merkel and allies lose votes but hang on in German elections as AfD surges



Unfortunately the AfD isn’t much of an alternative for Deutschland. What about these guys?



Can’t argue with you there, and I believe Sarah Bossard is jewish, stinks of controlled opposition.


Looks like Merkel remains in power no matter what happens with that voting thing.


Seem’s like Deutschland today is just a civilised version of Afghanistan, ZOG occupied and a puppet govt, and if Merkel’s policy is any indication then they’ll be importing half of Afghanistan over the next decade.


Some news from the Heebie C…


The AfD actually is a true alternative. Surely you would agree with me, if you knew more about it. The AfD is full of decent trustworthy politicians. Even its women are brilliant. For the first time since this Juden-Republik exists, there is a strong patriotic opposition that supports real german interests.
The AfD politicians are no typical politicians. Most of them are academics, well educated, well experienced with a long successful career in “real life”. They went into politics because they were fed up and concerned about the recent situation. They could still lead a comfortable life, but they chose the hard life of a right-wing politician in a leftist society, with all its consequences. This is quite honorable and it deserves the respect and support of every reasonable german citizen. AfD politicians are under constant attack by all the other political parties, the mass media, the Antifa and all other kinds of parasitic leftist organisations, the council of the jews, the council of the muslims, the churches and all the countless profiteers of the recent anti-german policy. The newspapers, the TV-shows, even movies are full with propaganda, defamation and lies against the AfD and its supporters. AfD politicians are constantly threatened with violence and death. Some of them had already been beaten up, some of them got their cars or houses looted, and so on…
Meanwhile the AfD has strong fractions in the Federal Parliament and in the parliaments of all 16 german states. The debates in the parliaments have become very interesting. The AfD politicians actually are rhetorical superior to the other politicians. It’s a real pleasure to watch the debates now, when Merkel and the other establishment retards get totally destroyed by glorious AfD speakers.


I’m quite sure the AfD is NOT controlled opposition. Might be possible there are some moles here and there in the West-German AfD.
But for the most part this party is very good and trustworthy.
Alice Weidel is a dyke and a former Goldman-Sachs banker, but now she does a very good job in the AfD. She is OK. And she is from Westphalia too.


I Hope you’re right, Deutschland deserves better than human Garbage like Merkel and her cronies.