MERCH STORE ONLINE! Get Your Fashy T Shirts Now Before It Gets Shoah’d!


Well lads, I’m not the merchant type, which is why it’s take me so long to get around to this…


T-Shirts and Hoodies!

For how long before Tee Spring decides it’s too unPC nobody knows.
Hopefully I’ll be able to fly my fashy merch under the radar…

All your favorite characters, book cover art, new designs.

If you think my designs look natty and crap, let me know and I’ll try to fix it for you. I don’t mind making a custom order.

IF this store lasts, maybe I could try getting the old ‘We came from the future’ T-Shirt shirt going? I’d probably have to create that from scratch.

Anyway. Here are my favorites in being a decent ‘look’, some of the others are in low-resolution so are a bit less detailed and smaller (should be able to fix that next month):

Commander Anglin

Colonel Hyde:

Maria Orsic:


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For some reason most of the links are displaying the most expensive option first but they link to the classic. I can’t change it, but the links do send you straight to the Classic T-Shirt option so no I’m not trying to get the most expensive ones sold on purpose.

Any suggestions for more fashy merch art?
You request it and I’ll make it. :slight_smile:

The prices are high on some of the links, but the T-Shirts are all about 18 - 20 bucks in price. It’s for hoodies and other stuff it goes up a bit.



I’d like a T-shirt that says OUTLAW ZIONISM.


Here you go, look what just appeared in the store! It has ‘Outlaw Zionism’ in black lettering on a white background.




Can’t do that one, it’s too obvious and will get my store shut down faster than a running negro.



T Shirt is ready if you want it, if not…


Terminatus that. Your supposition is not to my specs. Didn’t mean to put you to any trouble, but you should have asked first. I’ll visit the store.


Yeah you need to be more specific, can’t guess what font / size you are after. Get back to me with a deisgn or more detailed stuff and I’ll be happy to put it up there. :slight_smile:



We’ve made some sales folks!