Manosphere Now Being Targeted for Bans on Social Media


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We’ve been saying for awhile now that the Jews were going to lobby to ban anything that’s remotely right-wing off the Internet. They’re now aggressively targeting the manosphere which includes MGTOW and assorted men’s rights content.

Roosh a pickup artist turned self-help guru who is one of the more well-known figures in the manosphere was banned off of Instagram and Wepay.

Instagram and Chase Wepay banned me within 19 minutes of each other.

— Roosh (@rooshv) May 7, 2019

This happened just after he announced a meet-up tour across the United States.

New article: USA TOUR 2019: I’m Touring 23 American Cities Starting In June

— Roosh (@rooshv) May 6, 2019

Roosh wasn’t the only one targeted.

Chateau Heartiste a popular anti-feminist blogger was thrown off of WordPress’s blog hosting.

Here’s the meat of Chateau Heartiste’s last post before WordPress finally decided he needed to be executed:

— Eli Schiff (@eli_schiff) May 10, 2019

I was not familiar with this person’s work but there were a number of people very angry about his blog getting nuked. One of his last blog posts was ironically about tech censorship.

Ken DelRican a YouTuber who did MGTOW content was recently banned off the site. Fellow MGTOW vlogger Hammerhand did a short video about the ban.

There’s apparently been a more aggressive push to ban MGTOW content off of YouTube which I personally find to be quite fucked up. MGTOW which stands for “men going their own way” is just a group of men who are tired female bullshit and don’t want relationships with women because of the obvious risks involved. The fact that this type of content is being targeted shows how draconian tech censorship is becoming. They’re basically mandating that you accept feminism or you can’t have a YouTube channel.

These bans are ultimately going to prove counterproductive. They have no idea what they’re unleashing by banning all dissent from the digital public square. It’s only going to result in this dissent going underground where it will become increasingly radicalized.


What morons, the more you censor people and the more they radicalized. But kikes are not smart, just malevolent and idiot, which is the worst combination.

I though than Wordpress was safe, but it seems to be also inclined to shut politically incorrect speech than JewTube. I wonder if they did not have a russian alternative of Wordpress.


Most, not all of the censorship has happened under Trump and he does nothing to stop it, except tweet threats.


I’m pretty sure lots of other people were banned off of wordpress hosting services a few years back when the big crackdown started happening. If you want to use wordpress, you have to download the software and install it on your own separate server if you plan on posting any sort of wrongthink.


Between late 2015 and the autumn of 2017 Blonde Gynocide, Elder of Zyklon, cj303addict, Murder by Media, Murder by Media 2, and Saboteur 365 were all banned. And there were others. Those are just the blogs I followed.


But you must pay domain fees if you make blog with the software if i remember. Crap, i wish to have make a blog few years ago when we could get free custom domain on Blogger. I don’t know if i’ll take Wordpress, Blogger or that japanese alternative than i have see.


Diversity Macht Frei didn’t get banned from Wordpress yet like Mindweapons In Ragnarok.


He have done more on Twatter than in his presidency. Sasuga Tweeter in Chief!

I’m curious to know how he count win has all his supporters have been ban from internet. It doesn’t even require congress for vote a internet bill of right, has it be just a reinforcement of the first amendment extended to internet. He reinforced economic sanctions toward Iran, North Korea and Russia but is incapable to impose economic sanctions toward abusive tech company. He’s a president who do nothing.


It would have happened if Hillary had won any way, but it doesn’t excuse his lack of inaction. He could order the FCC to hold a vote to make them public utilities and mandate that they provide equal universal access to everyone. But he hasn’t done anything even as his supporters are being banned which is insane. He’s probably got jew Kushner whispering in his ear about how it would be a mistake to do something like this because of the free market or whatever.


I might be wrong because this shit changes so much but I believe you’d only need to pay if you need tech support for the software. The download of the software was free when I did previous installs.


:astonished:Oh thanks! i will check it out then, but can you install normal Wordpress theme with the software ?
I’m tempting to take Blogger instead, like it’s more simple to use. Any recommendations?


The software install should come with a few “default” themes you can use.


But can i use normal Wordpress theme ?


Yes, there’s the default wordpress theme that is setup after you install the software and a few other themes you can select that come with the install. Of course you can download and install any number of other themes as well so you should be able to use whatever theme you want.


Hum ok! and did i need to pay for a domain or it’s free ?
By downloading the software i don’t have any risk to get censored?


You’ll obviously have to pay to register a domain. But there’s no guarantees of not getting censored. The Daily Stormer’s domain name for instance already got yanked by registrars around 20 times.


I see, well i will just subscribe to Wordpress normal blog i guess and see how it goes.
:blush:Thank you for your help!


There is only one way out of this (((mess)))…