Manholes are now "Maintenance Holes"


the lunatic libs in Cali are at it again. it’s offensive to use gender specific terms and so the liberal heroes are going to do something about it. you can’t have city employees going around saying offensive things like “manhole cover” . i think that they should change it to Tranny-hole cover and paint it like an asshole. that’s probably in the works…


Shouldn’t that be “person holes”?





You made problems with the wrong person.


LMAO come on dude’s same team. Play fair.


Fuck you little whore. Get a life…


@kroenen @MightyWhitey
C’mon u guys loosen it up.


he’s throwing a temper tantrum and trolling me in the forums. it shouldn’t be allowed.


Yeah I know. I’m watching that unfolding… Instead of throwing gas to fire, mabye try to be candid or something. All he did was condemning porn.


Oh, you’ve finally found time to pull yourself away from your degenerate Czechoslovakian porn addiction to address me with more profanity and slanders?

I’m just getting started with you…:skull:


You’ve seen the profanity he has displayed here and now I will take out the trash.

I can have a discussion or a debate with someone politely without regressing to unnecessarily rudeness and inappropriate language which he continues to throw against me.
Scroll down to see the insults.


With all the serious problems CA is facing, e.g., millions of beaners on welfare, overcrowded prisons, the mass exodus of white middle class taxpayers, tens of thousands of mentally ill junkies sleeping on the sidewalks, the impossibly high cost of living…THIS is what they decide to obsess on?


That’s Berkeley for ya, their city council has been total Marxist women and faggots for years now and anything remotely suggesting manliness triggers them running into their safe spaces. Hell, for them, would be waking up in a room full of Montana cowboys with guns on their hips.


I’m definitely not an anti-porn prude. Smut has always been around and it’s part of our culture, just like sports or music. But it does creep me out to think I’m communicating with a fairly normal person online, only to have that person start posting links to images of flabby, hairy old men having anal intercourse with twinks. This is not a Daily Stormer Book Club, after all.


Perhaps we need a pro white XXX site… Owned and operated by whites and for only whites.


Shakespeare said it best with regard to guys like kroenen.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks





I am stuck in a sanctuary city because reasons. The manhole covers and cast iron corner gutter plates have to be chain locked to the ground. Spics & chimps steal the covers and try to pawn them to scrap yards.
I am in the thick of it. I am a front lines reporter of sorts when I type about this stuff. I can walk around the corner and see empty crack viles on the ground. Awhile ago, -brace yourself- I seen a syringe stuck in a pile of human feces sticking straight up. The kicker? Next day the syringe was gone. I’m not sure the higher ups understand who we are dealing with. These people are the lowest of the low. There is no reforming this type. The only solution is rounding them up by force and displacing them away from civilization.


We are going to need a Leader who is even more ruthless than Hitler and Stalin combined to clean up this mess. Any volunteers?


I only know of one thing more ruthless…