Man from Wales Hoists Up a Nazi Flag


Man arrested after swastika flag displayed in Neath | Wales - ITV News NAZI%20FLAGS%20XX


Still on guard against Operation Seeloewen. Wales is so cucked that they don’t even have a top tier soccer league. They are London’s bitch.


I have a WWI flag hung in my home. Kreigfahne.


@Reichprinzessin Same here, madame. A 5’x8’ Kaiserreich fahne from Der Erst Weltkreig is draped over my piano and I have 3 portraits of Wilhelm II on my wall. I also have the flag of our future North American Reich on display:


When I hear these things…


Point of privilege: by crossing my doorway you have entered the Deutsche Reich in exile. Feel free to not be a dumbass. Be careful of ghosts that might throw things at you. If you get triggered or offended please contact the Paranormies.


Willheim II was dumb as fuck. Bismarck was a,greater leader. I blame our misfortune on people who don’t pay attention . Our uncle Adolf did his best.


@Reichprinzessin You are being far too unkind to His Excellency. He was a good man. The forces of International Jewry, allied with England and France, were out to destroy the Reich.


You are right. Kaiser Wilhelm was by far not a dumbass. Germany was doing very well under his reign. Much better than ever before and thereafter. Actually he didn’t even want the war. But in the end he was blamed for everything that went wrong.


KW2 trusted Zimmerman who shit the bed on communications to Mexico and allowing Lenin into Russia. IMO, he should have left Österreich fall and pick up the scraps (Ostmark, Bohemia, Slovenia). Greater Hungary Would have the rest providing a true buffer and negotiator in future conflicts.


@Reichprinzessin The Imperial German government’s biggest blunder was sending Lenin back to Russia on that “sealed” train, madame. But I understand why they did it. They wanted to knock Russia out of the war and focus all their attention on the Western Front instead.


Invading France through Belgium was dumb.


Where can I get one of those!


You have a piano? BASED! I’m horrible at reading music and play keyboards by ear. My Opa was anti-music due to 1960’s hippie stuff. Billy Joel was an influence to me. Yes, I know now he is jewish. If you ever in a bar near an Amtrak station on karaoke night and and see a brunette singing “Piano Man” it might be me.