Maduro Says Israeli Group Tried to Asssassinate Him


Originally published at: Maduro Says Israeli Group Tried to Asssassinate Him |

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro recently claimed that some Israelis tried to assassinate him.

Daily Mail:

In a speech broadcast nationwide Wednesday, an agitated Maduro denounced a ‘fascist attempt to assassinate me’ — and lashed out at Colombian President Ivan Duque saying his ‘complicity’ was ‘evident.’

Maduro warned that he would be ‘ruthless in a revolutionary counter-offensive against an attempted fascist coup — ruthless!’

Maduro, his wife Celia Flores, and top Socialist Party official Diosdado Cabello were to be assassinated, along with other figures, the government said. In his speech, Maduro briefly referred to an ‘Israeli group‘ he said was to carry out the killing.

Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said the alleged coup involved active duty and retired military officers.

I have no idea if this is true or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true.

What’s weird is that Maduro has some Jewish lineage but his presence is an issue for Zionist world domination. He is not going along with the ZOG program which is why there have been various attempts to spark a revolution and remove him from power. Since those attempts have failed and the orange man is refusing to invade the country, an Israeli plot to assassinate him is certainly believable.


Fed jews will keep trying to murder him because he dumped their corrupt currency… now Maduro must fight fire with fire. he should hire some cartel assassins to kill Netanyahu. he must also now work on a nuclear bomb in cooperation with Cuba.


Yeah, oddly coincidental how all these beaners and mohammedans leaders all over the world are part of the tribe…


Maduro should do the 110th.