Macron Suspends Fuel Tax for Six Months to Stave Off Revolution


Originally published at: Macron Suspends Fuel Tax for Six Months to Stave Off Revolution |

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has decided to suspend the hated fuel tax for six months in order to prevent himself getting overthrown in a popular revolution. He previously said that he would never capitulate to street protests, but this reversal has shown that stance not to be credible.

It is a concession, but it is doubtful that this will make the “Yellow Vest” protesters happy. This is just a temporary suspension. And these protests are no longer just about the fuel tax. This is a popular revolt against a government pushing unpopular policies that favor Jewish globalists and not the French people.

Macron’s approval rating keeps going lower. It’s now at 23 percent.

The whole fuel tax thing was dumb any way. It was part of a scheme to discourage people from driving automobiles because of retarded climate change theories. It’s interesting that the only places asked to implement this stupid shit are White countries. The third world is never asked to curb their carbon emissions even though they’re the biggest polluters. The whole thing is a stupid scam.

More anti-government protests are expected throughout France in the coming days. It will be really interesting to see how this all plays out.


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it’s nice that these good white French folks know the source of their discontent. they too were conned into fighting on the wrong side in WWII and now realize the error of their ways.


Doesn’t mean it won’t come back in another form. Now they’ll just have to disguise it better.