London Savage Invaders Knife Attack Pet Donkey


The Savages that have been imported to London by the millions are well, being savage. we all know about the out-of-control drug-gangs that they’ve formed and the subsequent knife violence. now however they are teaching their gang members to be cruel to animals. if you can abuse an animal it’s easier to do the same to people so this is how they initiate new members.


Wonder how many points he got for stabbing a donkey?


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The best part of the article:
She said: "I’d like to get my hands on them, put them in a field and let the general public do what they want with them


Donkeys are such delightful animals. The perpetrator should be taken out back and shot.


London version of the knockout game. All part an parcel, diversity is our strength etc.


I have been trying to find an update on this story. The most recent one said that the donkey’s wound had become infected and he had foundered, so that sounds like he is still not out of the woods. There has been a successful fundraiser. The woman who started this fundraiser was banned from facebook for unspecified reasons, which I imagine had something to do with making an unflattering comment about the attacker.