London pavement apes on the rampage


Why am I not surprised it is a pack of nigglets? Anywhere in the world a large group of yoofs go on the rampage – jungle bunnies. Every single time smdh…


dey sum goot bois dat dindu nuffinz…an dey wuz juss finna turn dey monkey lives roun n sheeeeit


“Mary Higgins compared the behaviour of the youths with those who fought on D Day, writing; 'And 75 years today young men fought for our freedom and lost their lives.” If they have knew than there country would turn into such a shithole they would fought with Hitler.
"‘We learn by getting hurt - it’s human nature.’ " That the most dumbest statement than i never ear of life, so if someone want jump of window you will let him jump of window because he could learn by killing himself ? boomers never see where the problem is.