Liberals, Science, genetics and IQ


This appeared in the NYT - short comment from the blogger followed by the published article.
Genetic pioneer (and neon-nazi) James Watson and the liberal idea that genetics can explain everything except IQ.

Liberals and science, what could go wrong?


Sailer covers this topic a lot


Pretty funny! It just goes to show how deep the programming has gone with the average European American.


It is shocking to think that it’s only twenty three per cent.


Watson remains unapologetic which is the mark of a TRUE scientist not a politically correct hack.

Dr. Watson adds that he takes no pleasure in “the difference between blacks and whites” and wishes it didn’t exist. “It’s awful, just like it’s awful for schizophrenics” he says. (Doctors diagnosed schizophrenia in his son Rufus when he was in his teens.) Dr. Watson continues, “If the difference exists, we have to ask ourselves, how can we try and make it better?”

indeed, how CAN we make it better? ironically, since the liberals pretend that blacks are just as smart as whitey, they must fabricate an institutionalized racism, white privilege narrative to explain away black genetic inferiority. blacks take this to heart and so do nothing substantive to better themselves but instead do the easy thing and point fingers. here’s the result:


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The authors emphasize five reasons (besides improved public health) why this is happening: 1) naturally gifted people have a tendency to trade mating and parenting opportunities for the opportunity to develop their abilities, e. g., through higher education; 2) being forward-thinking, such people are likelier to use contraception; 3) the modern welfare state taxes the more successful in order to support single mothers, who can often increase their benefits by having more children; 4) the modern movement for sexual “equality” has encouraged the brightest women to pursue careers and postpone marriage, often until it is too late; 5) finally, and most unforgivably, Western elites are now deliberately sponsoring the colonization of our nations by vast numbers of low-IQ persons from Africa, Asia and Latin America.


good book… i’m sure that it goes into detail about missionaries and doctors thwarting the natural cycle of life and death in third world shitholes by helping diseased savages procreate with the help of white, modern medicine. you look at major cities in Africa. they all have cars and roads, buildings et…