"Let's Keep the Focus On Jesus"


Originally posted on Storm Front.

A couple of days ago, I was in a position to drop some red pills IRL. It was at a boomer’s retirement party, and the topic of Israel came up. Most of the attendees were ex-military Republican types. There were a couple that were Evangicons as well. I was going off about the billions we give the state of Israel, and I brought up the fact that Jews have been playing both arsonist and fireman (to use an analogy from E. Michael Jones). Surprisingly, a couple of these guys unloaded at how sick and tired of the billions we gave to Israel. One man was a high ranking former-Marine, who is very bitter about his son having PTSD and bouncing from various drug treatment centers/mental hospitals/VA Hospitals.

The Evangicons chimed in about how Israel is our greatest ally. I then asked them, “So do you believe God blesses those who bless Israel?”. They responded that they did. I responded, “Wow, good thing America blesses Israel the way we do. Jews gave us gay marriage according to Tikkuns Magazine, pushed for legalized abortion, and pour porn allover the place. For all the blessing we give to Israel, just look at how they piss on the bible believing Christians that insist on blessing them–yeah God sure does bless those who bless Israel”. One of these men said I needed to “educate” myself and listen to Dennis Prager. I laughed, and made a remark about Dennis being on wife #3. It was getting a little heated and one of the Evangicons said, “If we are going to discuss scripture let’s keep the focus on Jesus”. I laughed, wished the boomer retiree a happy retirement and left.

I have noticed Evangicons use some variation of “Let’s Keep the focus on Jesus” when they are uncomfortable discussing certain topics. I have also noticed that they use this phrase when they feel trapped. Please share your thoughts.


Personally, I think we should just forget about “converting” boomers, neo-cons, and Christians. They are useless dead-weight and we do not need them anyhow… 99% are just as thoroughly (((indoctrinated))) as pink-haired feminists and lisping, Antifa, soy-fags…

Christians are small-minded, death-fearing, cowards who believe a Jew carpenter, the son of a ghost, is going to come down from the clouds and beam them up into outer-space, like Captain Kirk… They’ve been indoctrinated into a weird, Jewish, apocalyptic, cult, usually from early-childhood, and there’s really nothing anyone can do to help them.

Boomers are too old, shallow, and stupid to ever change their minds about anything and they’re all gonna be dead soon anyway. So we can cross them off the list as well.

The vast majority of Republican voters are liberal, nigger-loving, Jew-worshipping, idiots who believe unbridled-capitalism and legal immigration are the solution to America’s problems… They are not our comrades either.

The good news is, we do not need any of these pathetic wretches anyway. All we need is 20,000 strong, intelligent, armed, and UNITED White Men, and we’d be a formidable force.


These people have been indoctrinated from birth and cannot perceive that their beliefs are really quite bizarre, especially when taken literally.


I agree with you. At this point, they aren’t ever going to be converted. However, as these boomers reach the twilight of their years they need to be humiliated. As they look around and wonder, “What happened?” they need to be told-“You made this happen”.

Their beliefs really are bizarre. There is also no market for this bullshit anymore. I have seen various conferences on Christian Zionism, and they are overwelminly old people.


I work with a boomer and we have a lot of 1 on 1 talking time. He has been redpilled by me over the passed 4 years. He went from side-eyeing me to repeating a lot of what he has learned from me. He is still as shitty as they come but at the moment he struggling taking the feminism pill. Male boomers are especially soft concerning a woman they have their sights on. This fuckin guy just cannot let go of a broad that has caused him to lose his home, file bankruptcy, alienate his kids, cause strife in the work place and other stresses. A co worker and I place bets on new lows he might sink to over her. We just cannot figure out what makes him very weak concerning this whore. I’ve chalked it up to being a generational problem. Great guy but goddamn dude, shake the fleas off.


IMHO one of the most important turning points was in 2011 when Bill Bennett went on CNN and told young men to “Man Up”. It was very basic bitch Conservative, and Bennett attempted to shame men. What was telling, is when Ramzpaul issued a response to Bill Bennett. Ol’ Bill showed just how out of touch he was with younger men, and that the policies he helped implement were directly responsible. You might not know this, but Ramzpaul was an early MGTOW (around 2007-2009). Keep in mind, Bill Bennett is little more than a Pro-Life Liberal.

I heard our friend @Azzmador discussing the cluelessness of men concerning the modern THOT. Too many men on the Dissident Right are absolutely fucking clueless when it comes to women.