Lesbian and bisexual women are at greater risk of being overweight than heterosexual women, a study has found


we have a public health crisis on our hands. something must be done.

apparently being a crunchy dyke is bad for your health, -aside from the ‘crunchy’ part…-. a study has found that gluttony and dykeism are related and i thought it was all just a big coincidence that the lesbos with crewcuts had gigantic asses.

The study, published in the Journal of Public Health , is thought to be the first to investigate the relationship between sexual orientation and body mass index (BMI) using population data in the UK.

Lesbian women are at greater risk of being overweight than heterosexual women, a study has found.

well well well… could it be that these dyke creatures are unhappy and therefore eating themselves into moon asses? well they should be happy, very happy indeed because even though these ugly fat ladies can’t get white men there will no shortage of monster dicked niggers coming into our country who will fuck ANYTHING. so i encourage them to become open-minded in this regard for their own mental stability.

but wait… there’s more! what’s this? gay guys have been found to be dangerously underweight?

Gay men are also less likely to be overweight than their straight counterparts and are instead more at risk of being underweight, said researchers at UCL and the University of East Anglia.

so gay dudes basically take better care of their bodies and aren’t shoving food into their faces at every turn. this is good for the environment… BUT IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT! it’s YOUR FAULT or so says “the researchers”.

She said: “We know that sexual minority groups are more likely to be exposed to psychosocial stressors, which impacts on their mental health and their health behaviours such as smoking and alcohol use, and which may influence their health behaviours such as diet or physical activity.

“These stressors include homophobia and heterosexism, negative experiences that are experienced by the lesbian, bisexual and gay population as a result of their sexual orientation identity and are known to be linked to health.”

but wait… there’s a totally gay dude -and doesn’t mind sayin so- who works at a thrift-store where i shop and he’s not at all depressed or being harassed or feeling the pressure of social norms but he’s skinny as a rail… more research is necessary…


They end up gettin’ they eat on