Leftists Don’t Have Any Ideas. The Entire Movement Is About Signaling Social Status


It’s a typical bourgeois behavior, these fucking parvenu enjoy to look down upon masses acting like a grotesque parody of nobility when they haven’t anything noble thing in them.
The most current lie inversion about Hitler than they spread is than he use to bang his own niece, kikes love to project there own degeneracy onto goyim. The Oedipus complex hoax is a good example.


I call it “reflection projection” they accuse others of what they do.


And they can’t handle when goys begin to do what they do : earning money.
That why any person who talk about how dissidents making money over there activity is bad, is Talmudic bullshit brainwashing. Like the anti-pope Bergolio who encouraged poverty, god never say than money was bad, but that usury should be prohibited. Because once the goys take back the control of the money they loose there power.
Did they think than antifas like Black Live Matters wouldn’t pissed Trump supporters if they wasn’t pay by Soros ?
That why they’re against UBI, than whites getting money is unacceptable for them.


I’ve never met a more greedy and seedy people.


It all part of the plan to silence us then exterminate us. They take actions against the truth.


So they fired her because she dare to do her job ? i’m very surprised than they have nationalists in Sluttyfornia the most commie state of America, i think than the worst enemy of white people in general are shabbot goys, actually jews are easy to counter, but not shabbot goys cause you never know when they’re going to strike you behind the back. They’re so desperate to please there kike master for keep there illegitimate privileges, like the vulgar house pet than they are, than they’re prone to shoot goal in there own side. What i’m worried it’s has leftist states become more shithole because of Diegos and Doras family invasion, they’re going to move in conservative states and repeat the same process of destruction than they do back in where they’re from. The worst wrecker nation after the jews are shabbot goys bourgeois. All these little shits should get stripped of there money for having destroy their nation.


Amen…(20 characters) *their


Oh shoot! thanks for the autocorrection.:pray:t3: