Leaving Neverland


Great article from some obscure website that popped up in my Reddit feed.
One major omission, and what I believe to be central to the creation of the documentary is that Michael Jackson’s catalogue is worth a small fortune and the Jews want it. This is what (((they))) had been after ever since that Black doctor over prescribed Michael Jackson to death on pain killers and other assorted pharmaceuticals. These music jews had been rubbing their hands raw trying to get their hands on this treasure and even after his death they would let nothing stop them from trashing his name and his legacy if that meant they could get if for a bargain basement price. That’s jews for you - Never forgive, Never forget.
The jews finally ground him down and got control of the Beatles catalogue.


At least Jackson played McCartney. Jewing the jew.

I never could understand why McCartney, who could have had any woman he wanted, settled for a homely looking, untalented jewess. She looked a lot like David Bowie.


I think Michael Jackson was part of a larger group but was singled-out because he was going to come clean


I think he was a pedophile. I live not far from the area involved - the local DA who tried Michael Jackson in court said in an interview that he questioned 10 young boys around age 10 each who had had contact with Jackson from all parts of the country.

Each of them told the exact same story of abuse down to the specific marks from vitiligo on Jackson’s penis (why the DA demanded a nude evaluation of Jackson). The DA said there is no way these boys had spoken or collaborated with one another and the details were too specific and too sophisticated for any of them to have made up. The DA knew the allegations were absolutely true.


You may be right, I don’t know. But going from what I saw of the documentary those guys looked and sounded fake. The story is already falling apart with the train timeline and who knows what else. That whole false/repressed/implanted memory scam was in full swing around the same time and a lot of people in daycare centers and elsewhere had their lives destroyed. I had a neighbor who refused to be alone with his grandchildren for fear of being accused of abuse. The general feeling of the time was a modern day witch hunt.

The one common denominator in Jewish character assassination stories like this is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I guarantee that if the day comes and they get control of his catalogue you will see a media rehabilitation of Michael Jackson.


Still…it is known that Michael Jackson had sleep-overs with young boys, slept in the same bed, etc. As the mother of (at that time) at young boy, I wondered what the hell kind of parent thought it was OK for their young son to share a bed for “sleepovers” with a 45 year old man.

Michael Jackson kept rationalizing this away as normal, saying he “preferred the company of young boys” - they’d have hot chocolate, watch videos, he’d tuck them in - as a pedophile would do. Really? Normal?

There are also those child porn videos the maid talked about in the secret hideaways - that went missing when the heat started to come down on Jackson.

Those young boys from different parts of the country the DA questioned would have had to have had the same, very very specific “false memories” of pedophilia abuse planted in their heads at the very same time, including intimate details about the vitglio on Michael Jackson’s penis. Pretty far fetched, I think.


I automatically assume jews are up to something when there is large financial gain to be had and it would definitely not be the first time they have paid people to slander the dead. They have made an industry out of it.


Real or not, jews will find a way to exploit it.