Latino- white supremacist connection


I just found this article while surfing through the internet for topics in connection with white supremacy. I found this pericular article- white and Hispanic whites share same feelings and support each other’s philosophy towards brown invasion- what I’m thinking is that the white Hispanics are mostly northern Mexicans of mostly Spainard descent which despises central Americans which is browner than them. Please do post comments on what you think on that. Yes I’m aware that they are considered the lesser white than of average north European such as the north European view of south and east Europeans such as I am, an Italian but I know, throughout the few thousand year history, they practically helped the northern stock pure by preventing many invasions from Maghreb and Persia so they are spared from race mixing by raping during invasions, while some of us suffer, but in return, they are more active in their race/culture pride and defence than the average altrustic north European. That explains me of being naturally anti semitic and kept our pride and practice old culture since my childhood with my family influence for 5 generations here.
To add, I’m had my DNA tested, I’m 99.9% European, even I know that I’m not pure Italian but mixed along with north Europeans from my mother’s side, but none of any of brown blood. But the other .01 is of far east. (as of china region) blood . This puzzles me since my Sicilian grandmother is pretty more tanner as compared to other southern Italians. I assumed that Moslem blood will appear in my DNA but none of that shows up.
Maybe we should definitely partner with the white Hispanics as our extra southern border patrols. They might be much less white than us but they can help us for our cause.


If they support the 14 words then they can be allies. We need strategic allies, not larping goons posting overused NSDAP memes, or Romper Stomper tier rhetoric. We have to see the ultimate goal if we want to win.


I disagree Doctor. Now that our Constitutional Republic has been replaced by a (((Democracy))) voting is no longer a viable option.
Romper Stomper is being forced on us and we have many allies.
It’s historically been the only solution.
Download: Wilmot Robertson’s Dispossessed Majority | National Vanguard


Yeah you’re right, we do not need more division amongst us. Strength is in the numbers.


I knew a lot of blue-eyed Cubans from Miami. They looked down on nigs, mestizos, and jews as much as I did. Not sure about White Mexicans. Never met one.


Yeah I met one at a college, hes not a blue eyed Cuban but brown eyed but white, he always looked down to the niggers but unfortunately he’s addicted to cociane and plethora of hallucinating drugs and became a real partyhead at the time I withdrew but the last time I heard from him he got a job and doing well but no family yet. I know a white Mexican, an landscape business owner in my hometown he’s a hard worker, but I’m not sure what he stands as his racial conscience.


I admire this black conservative gentleman and his running commentary on the Cuban/conservative assault on Nancy Pelosi at a Miami restaurant last year. The Cuban people know the results of Marxist Communism all to well.



I’ve spent time in South America. I’ll try to say something about that when my fever passes – I’m sick as a dog right now.


I’m sorry and hope you feel better soon. I don’t know your age but I know a way to make your immune system function at optimal levels.


When you get home take 3 grams in water twice a day after the junk antibiotics they gave you.


Don’t forget the probiotics- you have to replace the beneficial gut bacteria. Although, Oregano oil (P73 strain) does the job as antibiotics without any of side effects. It is also effective against virus while antibiotics aren’t.