Kirstjen Nielsen Needs to be Fired and Replaced by Kris Kobach


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How the fuck does Kirstjen Nielsen still have a job? This bitch is in charge of Homeland Security and she is willfully dumping hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens on to our streets. Meanwhile, Americans have to go through all sorts of intrusive security bullshit just to board an aircraft. They even allow Moslems to fill security positions at our airports even though Moslems are the most likely group of people to commit terrorism. The entire situation is a cluster fuck.

I just got finished reading Anglin’s very insightful article entitled “Kirstjen Nielsen is a Cunt.” The article dissects Nielsen’s pathetic appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show last week. Carlson asked her why next to nothing was being done to stop this invasion. All she did was blame Congress and said that all options were on the table. She also said that they couldn’t do anything meaningful because it would get struck down by the courts. I felt like I was listening to some airhead Valley Girl. She just wants to talk and not actually execute on anything.

The bitch is just full of excuses. It’s insane that this incompetent woman has been put in charge of Homeland Security. The executive branch has plenty of power to fix this problem, she is just refusing to execute on it. She needs to be fired and replaced by Kris Kobach.

Kobach recently outlined a three step plan to fix the problem and it could all be implemented by the executive branch of government.

Here’s a brief summary of his plan.

  • Publish a regulation allowing families to be detained together which would effectively bypass the Flores ruling requiring the immediate release of minor children. This would prevent children being used as ways to enter the country illegally.
  • Create more detention space and processing facilities with FEMA assets. Deploy judges down there and have planes on standby to facilitate deportation back to their country.
  • Implement a Treasury regulation banning illegal aliens from wiring money back to Mexico.

Kobach was also interviewed by Lou Dobbs where they called out Nielsen’s for her bullshit.

There’s of course many other potential solutions. You could permanently post the military as border guards until the wall is fully built. But instead of hearing solutions from Nielsen, all we get is her trying to pass the buck to Congress.

She needs to be fired. Of course, I am not at all optimistic that this will happen. Blurmf is primarily preoccupied with his Make Israel Great Again agenda and it looks like he might even invade Venezuela.

But anybody with even just a bit of common sense can see that Nielsen doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. Get Kobach in there. He’s a serious man who has serious ideas.


this is true. but Trump does have the power to CLOSE THE BORDER but he won’t.

Fed Jews fired a warning-shot across USS Donny Trump threatening to sink his economic recover -which is Trump’s only success- and without a strong economy, Good Ship TrumpyPop will be sunk in 2020. what the jews want is for their all-Goyim army to invade yet another country that is trading oil in non-Fed Reserve Jew-Dollars and so now control Trump in this regard. the caveat here is that russia and china are defending Venezuela .

the only thing that is keeping the situation from nuclear war is THE INTERNET. you can be sure that The Russians are reading every tweet from The Rufous-Sided Trumpy and vice versa. this instant communication between the superpowers -that is accessible to millions allowing the input of the masses- forces cooler heads to prevail.

this is a fantastic idea.


All women have been weaponized against our societies…i just dont see yang ever following through with his promises but he will raise interesting questions about the blumf presidency at minimum and maybe start the conversation about how UBI can wipe out wage/debt slavery.
Something needs to be brought up about the future of an economy that increasingly doesn’t need humans to function as minimum wage workers.
Of course we all know that jews will just be put in charge of any plan to lift this nation up and they will figure out how to steal it or redirect the funding to their pockets.
I guess the hope is that people will start seeing that whites have no control over our own nations and aren’t the controllers and masters of the inferior darker people.
They aren’t very intelligent but in todays world thanks to our society, these useless “minorities” will be smart enough to come this conclusion on “their own”…
Thats a lot of “ifs” that have to unfold the exact way we need to be useful.
I just don’t see it…i don’t see yang as anyone who actually follow through on his words.
The ZOG in DC have controlled and put bigger and badder people “in their place”.
The USA is done.


As I said before & will say it again, it’s now the FUSA! Just prepare for the “Warring 20’s” & this time the war will fought on home turf, not in some 3rd world shithole.


maybe but when i talk to white people almost all are cowardly fools. you cannot explain to them that 2+2=4 if they believe otherwise. so i guess the question is: how bad must things get before they wake-up? most STILL don’t know that our own government did 9/11. this is astounding to me and they will argue with you when you tell them. they simply cannot believe that The US government would do such a thing but they’ve done much worse and will do much worse in the future. interestingly enough, it’s much easier to explain to black people what’s going on than to whites. so i have lost all hope for my race to do anything to avoid their enslavement and demise.


It looks like the cunt is going to resign.


That’s because President Blurmf reads this site and listens to what I have to say!


If it was only that easy.


You Kinda foresaw the future


get a man for this job. geesh…


It will be either a Jew or an affirmative action lottery winner.


It’s titles like that that make DS worth reading!


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