Kikes Rage at Susan Collins for Support of Kavanaugh


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In case it wasn’t any more clear that the agenda against Brett Kavanaugh was engineered by Jews, just look at these tweets. The kikes are raging at Susan Collins after she announced that she would be voting in favor of Kavanaugh.

A vote for Kavanaugh was a vote against the Jews. It matters not if he was a moderate Republican etc… This was a battle and the Jews have lost this battle. They’re going to keep overplaying their hand until they are all gassed in fake shower rooms.


I am very pleasantly surprised by Susan Collins.


The only way to control these kikes short of gassing them would be to open up the work camps again. Forcing a jew to do manual labor would be more pleasurable to watch.


a little rhyme


…and a rigid sterilisation program.


the Jews are still pissed that the Jew nominated by Obama was not installed. The Jews still mention his name as a alternative. There are three Jews on the Supreme Court now, they want four.
Dr Ford had two Jewish lawyers at the hearing; one on each side of her. The Jews in the Senate were all over TV denouncing the Republicans. Schumer, Feinstein, Blumenthal thanks to the Jewish control media had much air time to express their opionions.


Who is funding all these protests against kavanaugh?

These partners include (((Planned Parenthood))), the (((Center for Reproductive Rights))) and the (((ACLU.)))