Kavanaugh Vote to Take Place Later This Week


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The Brett Kavanaugh story continues to dominate the news cycle. It’s getting tiring. All these sexual assault hoax claims against Kavanaugh have fallen apart so the enemy is left grasping at straws. The Jew-run media is reporting stories about how Kavanaugh may have thrown ice at someone during a bar fight back in the 1980s. They’re also trying to paint him as a sloppy drunk because he happened to drink beer back in college. It’s all absurd shit.

The only story that has any credibility is The New Yorker report detailing how a 14-year-old Kavanaugh took a summer trip to slaughter niggers during the Rhodesian Bush War. That’s a much more believable story.

But all that aside, the Senate is finally set to do a floor vote on his nomination to the Supreme Court. It looks like the FBI investigation into all these hoax claims is going to be completed by tomorrow. So once that’s done there is nothing stopping a vote from happening.

Mitch McConnell said that on the Senate floor today there will be a vote sometime this week.

It’s still uncertain if Kavanaugh will be confirmed but I’d say there’s now a 60/40 chance that he gets confirmed. The FBI report is not going to reveal any surprises. This is the 7th investigation they’ve done on him. There’s also a handful of Democrat Senators who won’t stand a chance of re-election if they vote against Kavanaugh.

Overall though, I think Kavanaugh will win by a party line vote with there being a chance of a few Democrats hopping on board. But who knows, there’s still a long way to go before the vote takes place. There could be any number of surprises and you still got the flaky fag Jeff Flake and the empowered womyn Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski who could fuck things up.


They will have to run another candidate for SCOTUS because of this loser

And of course because of this insane old hag career political RINO from Maine.5aa8b04c-e7cf-4ed9-9b10-d5c2cff71c7d


yes, but i’m getting tired of looking at Kavanaugh’s dejected, poor, poor me face. he looks and sounds like he was bullied as a kid and never got over it. maybe the FBI probe will turn up some guys who as kids, kicked Bret’s candy-ass on a daily basis. now that would be testimony i’d watch…

what Trump should have done is nominate Kayne for The Super Court. he would have showed up at the hearings in a MAGA hat and told it like it is.

Kayne: “She be a ho, bro.”