Justice Department charges Iranian hackers with attacks on US cities, companies


this has got BULLSHIT written all over it. the same psychopaths who did 9/11 want to infuriate the america people into more Mid-East wars for the Jews. this latest accusation is about as credible as the Syrian gas attack false flags. they float this before the fake news to see what kind of reaction it gets with the goyim. it’s way too soon to do another WMD scare so they take a new approach by slowly building up resentment among the idiot masses toward their target country. so be prepared for another false-flag directed at the evil Iranians and then another… UNTIL they finally blow-up some more americans to start yet another contrived war.


Are the Russians on strike?


lol… no doubt The Justice Department has more Russian villains to be indicted soon. never a trial though to out their bullshit…