Judge Declares Law Against Female Genital Mutilation ‘Unconstitutional’


clearly this is legislating from the bench. when one clarifies our constitution all that they must do is to read the extracurricular writings of those who wrote our constitution. it’s unfathomable that they would have given GENITAL MUTILATION their approval BUT, the stinking jews do it to little boys and the filthy Haitians can torture animals in VooDoo rituals so now the Muslim scum demand equal insane rights and are rewarded. it’s now LEGAL in the USA to force young girls to be tricked into having their clits cut off. America has gone from Leave it to Beaver to Allahu Akbar. this cultural enrichment stuff sure is swell isn’t it, Wally?


I expect this to be appealed.


well, maybe not. like i say: if the Haitian niggers can torture animals to death in Voodoo rituals and Rabbis can suck the blood of mutilated baby dicks then anything is possible.


Semitic religious blood rituals must be protected at all costs.


Child abuse is child abuse no matter what sort of song and dance you create around it. These weird middle eastern cults should be banned.


all joking aside, I am genuinely repulsed by the cruelty and depravity of these acts.


These freaks are worse than snake handlers, they have taken the more extreme parts of their cult underground but they are still practicing child sacrifice, just look at the numbers of missing children and the number of jews in the area and the correlation is undeniable. With jews you lose your kids.