Jozef Tiso Checking In


Hello all, Jozef Tiso checking in. Some of you over at The Daily Stormer may recognize me as General Pinochet. Hope all is going well. Just found out about this forum, and I’m a huge fan of @Azzmador.


Welcome aboard friend.


Thanks. Like your name, I took mine from one of the lesser known Allied Leaders. That of course being Father Jozef Tiso of Slovakia.


@Jozef_Tiso Tell us more about Tiso, friend:


Great name! I gotta believe you are a fan of “The Chucker”–I am as well. Father Tiso was the only modern leader I can think of that never had a security detail (he flat out refused one). Ordinary Slovaks absolutely loved the man. “The Boss” made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. When Germany marched into Czechoslovakia, Father Tiso was told that the nation no longer existed. He had two choices, one was for him to become the leader of Slovakia. The other, was for the Hungarians to run it as their colony (to this day there is a lot of friction between Slovaks/Magyars).

Had Germany won he war, I am sure Father Tiso would have been made Pope one day. It’s a real shame there aren’t Priests such as Father Tiso around today.


Welcome good sir. Good to see a new face here.


You gotta be from MN with a name like that–I used to live there.


My home is in the northwoods


Remember this?


Welcome, brother. Looking forward to have and see more white minds here,thinking alike and share our expressions.


Welcome, friend :slight_smile: :slight_smile: