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Just like Orania yeah I’m supporting that, dude.


and the vast wilderness and the fact that Alaska is away from the mainland will protect us


Also needs to be near coast for exploitation of fisheries and trade. Perhaps somewhere in the Yukon delta?


good plan I was also think about greenhouses to grow food


I am in the praxis of writing a constitution


I have experience in farming, they are expensive startups but also heating costs especially in cold place like Alaska. We must invest in cool season greens that can grow in 55-65 degree controlled climate. The region has very short growing season-only 4 months. We must rely on wild foods, what’s available there. Also type of soil plays important role in farming. Most of the Yukon delta is too swampy to farm. Areas south of the delta has good upland ground to farm but green house and food preservation (salting or canning) is a must.
Here in NJ, where winter is not that harsh, we can just grow greens in plastic covered metal tubes on ground throughout the winter with little heat


Any locations zone 5 or greater is good for greenhouse operation in heating costs, and that vary due to length of the winter season, since regardless of zones, Alaska as whole has longer winter season due to it’s latitude. For example, u can grow figs in zone 7 or greater in eastern US but far southeast Alaska has 8 zone but it’s winter is simply too long to allow figs to grow. But we can have good success with green house on southeast Alaska due to mild winter even it’s long


Cranberries and blueberries will do great in Alaska as our source of Vitamin C they can grow up to zone 4


back to homework(studying criminal justice)


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well I am studying to become law-enforcement


Hey, is that a bad move?


No not really the job pays out good for the risks involved