Join, Or Die : A winning strategy for Nationalist and the Right Worldwide


I am writing a new political philosophy that advocates for a state is formed like a corporation made up a vanguard of virtuous aristocrats who are freed from the toil of labor by the sweat of those less excellent, a “high society” where greatness and free-spiritedness can prevail (for the few). Much like Hoppe discussed in his book Democracy the God that Failed, these men would plot a long term strategy and the tactics for managing the resources of the state. There would be decentralized courts that would operate on the basis of libertarian common law, and law enforcement would be decentralized. Police and military would be decentralized as much as possible and both would teach that part of their duty was keeping the other martial organizations in check. My problem is I have a vague general idea but no details

Funding the Republic

I also seek to unify the right and anyone who opposes communist /progressive or internationalist/globalist dogmas


You’re not alone: nobody else has ever discovered the details either. Maybe you could get some practice leading a cult for a few years.


idk I don’t think people will follow. All I know is I want my book to be the program for a unite right-wing front


You need to read more to understand your conclusions.

Find these books and you’re set. The tribe hates the truth and anyone who knows it.


I plan to write on the JQ and race


Once your leadership gains traction then we can set up white ethnostate and declare sovereignty. Just like Orania, South Africa. It’s a small town but the idea is same. Northern New England region is already white and libertarian enough to start.


i was thinking alaska


Yeah- rich in natural resources that’s a good place although as of 2010, it’s 66% white statewide, mostly around southeast part while Vermont is almost 93% new Hampshire, 94% Maine the whitest state of the USA, at 94.5% when I retire, I am considering moving to tax friendly new Hampshire but hopefully that’ll change for the better benefit when it becomes an ethnostate


Well Alaska is vast and isolated from the maintain


Yeah the isolation might be a problem- too far for logistics and infrastructure set-up that will cost money if we choose to start in the wrong place. but we can buy a whole island at the archipalego region- its much milder in climate which allows some agriculture but not as good as the lower 48 and plentiful of natural resources such as wood and fish. So does the north New England, though agriculture is more possible by allowing more kinds of crops to be grown there due to moderate precipitation than rainy Alaska We need to be self sufficient as much as possible so for both, it’s could be good places, so does the Ozarks, Appalachia and any regions with 90%+ white population. All we have to to educate the masses that exists in these regions using your or existing research work It’s all about will power and determination and it’ll set off by themselves. Now it’s ripe time to do so because many people now distrust the fake media propaganda. I know the government will backlash against the plan even we have officially seceded… we might will need some allies to support our separatist state, by encouraging other minorites to have their own separatist states so we can defeat the parasite zog government as a whole.


I fear of a Ruby Ridge


@Edgecel: Think again.


again there is way to farm in the harsh winter ands it is isolated from the mainland which will protect us from the Feds


Ruby ridge is an isolated place and yet they has been done. However this is a classic example of federal heavy handed invasion of a family property. Just like the Bundy situation. All I can think is strength in numbers is imperative. We had fought and won Revolutionary war by the numbers. Yellow vest protests is kept alive by the numbers.


But we would not be entrapped. Alaska is separated from the US mainland


Hmm how that work? By escaping to Canada if that happen? They have the capability and technology to do such anywhere and anytime. Going to Canada is futile they work with USA with extradition. Many we have to look for countries that don’t honor extradition cooperation with USA. Argentina? They do have large white population as well. If we blend ourselves in a large white population then it’ll be much easier.


Just looked up about extradition, unfortunately Argentina does cooperate with USA though Serbia is only European country does not have such treaty


not canuckastan, to alaska


ro build our town in the open vast lands of alaska