John Bolton Says Iran Attacked Ships With No Evidence


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The deranged Zionist lunatic John Bolton is back in the news claiming that Iran attacked oil tankers earlier this month without providing any evidence that they did such things.


US National Security Adviser John Bolton has said “naval mines almost certainly from Iran” were to blame for the damage to oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman earlier this month.

Mr Bolton provided no evidence to support the allegation, which Iran said was “laughable”.

The attacks off the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates on 12 May left holes in the hulls of four ships.

The incident came amid an escalation in tensions between Iran and the US.

Last Friday, US Vice Admiral Michael Gilday said he believed “with a high degree of confidence that this [attack] stems back to the leadership of Iran at the highest levels”.

Even if Bolton had evidence that Iran did these things, how is it any of our business? And why would this justify attacking Iran? How would attacking Iran serve American interests? I can’t think of a single reason why attacking Iran would be good for America.

He’s also been making weird statements about how Iran is evil for not honoring the nuclear agreement that Donald Trump pulled out of. Needless to say this is a very fucked up position to take. Who the hell withdraws from a deal only to claim that the other party you ended the deal with is bad for not abiding by the agreement you chose to end?

Clearly, this asshole just wants to do war against Iran for the benefit of Jews in Israel. He is looking for any excuse to do it. But why? What would drive a man to dedicate his entire life to serving the interests of a group of parasitical rats like the Jews?

The Jews must have compromising material on him because it makes no sense why somebody would have such an obsession of engaging in endless war for them.


at this point why even make up false-flags to attack another country. nobody is going to believe them anyway. just say, “we’re attacking Iran because they pose a threat to our Saudi and Jew pals in the region”. what’s so hard about that?

Trump is walking the fence pretending to be mad at Bolton and Pompeo for pushing war with Iran and Syria. he fails to fire them though so Trump is just waiting for a believable false-flag to justify a strike on the enemies of Israel. starting more wars in The Mid-East will spell doom for Trump’s re-election bid unless his dem opponents self-destruct which is likely.


There is no war game strategies that ends up with blue beating red at this point. Red being Iran, PR China and DPR Korea. Who would benefit a war reducing USA, Russia and said countries already mentioned to ashes?



Probably not. I suspect that he’s just a brainwashed Christian that believe in “rapture” shit; OR, just simply greedily enjoying fat paychecks shilling for Jews and Israel