John Bolton Apologizes to Israel for Not Attacking Iran


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So after Donald Trump called off the attack against Iran, his national security adviser John Bolton is in Israel apologizing to them that a war has not started yet.


US national security adviser John Bolton warned Tehran on Sunday it should not “mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness.”

“No one has granted them a hunting license in the Middle East,” Bolton said of Iran ahead of a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Our military is rebuilt, new and ready to go.”

US President Donald Trump claimed Friday that he rescinded the order for airstrikes on Iran after he was told 150 people would die in the attacks.

The United States launched an offensive cyber strike against Iranian missile control systems and a spy network on Thursday, amid escalating tensions between the two countries, US media said Saturday.

They did a full press conference.

This is obviously completely insane and nuts. How can anybody look at this and not start asking questions? Here we have a high ranking member of the Trump administration visiting with a foreign leader and explaining to him that he is doing his best to try and start a big war against the Iranians.

Bolton is not working for America. He is a foreign agent working for Israeli Zionists. This press conference makes that fact all the more transparent. He should be fired and arrested for treason.


one has to wonder how many human lives equals one pos drone… regardless, the loss of innocent lives wasn’t what caused Trump to not attack, it was the fact that his base of support is mad as hell about it and it would likely escalate, possibly into a nuclear war.

Tucker Carlson made it perfectly clear that if Trump attacked Iran, he’d likely lose in 2020. millions of Trump supporters would just stay home in disgust.

the iranians would have killed a lot of sitting duck US troops and sunk ships. then Trump would have to respond and so forth. The war would include Syria. Russia and China would resupply them. it would be a supreme cluster-fuck but that’s what the 9/11 psychopath Bolton and Pompeo wanted. i’m guessing that the Jews at The Federal Reserve were going to print up a shitload of moola to grease their murderous palms.


Well, Bolton didn’t go on his own, he was ordered by Trump. Bolton is representing Trump and his Israel foreign policy. This is out right treason.


I don’t know which is more gross and disgusting, Bolton playing army or the sucking up to Israel.

Bolton needs to be grabbed by his fucking neck, put in a uniform, and thrown into some hot spot with an infantry unit. I believe that if this happened even when he was a young man, he would curl into the fetal position and begin screaming as he soiled himself. I hate these punks who talk tough and gamble with other peoples lives!


This sums up that treasonous lapdog perfectly.


Bolton is a known draft dodger during the Vietnam conflict. He enlisted in the National Guard like all the rich ZOG to avoid actual combat.
I bet he never even held a rifle in the service of the United States.


Well done, Bolton, more sucking of circumcised Jew cocks is what we need!