Joe Rogan Does Softball Interview With Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey


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Joe Rogan a total bought and paid for shill of the Jews did a softball interview with Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey a few days ago. He has been ruthlessly trashed by the entire Internet for this pathetic display.

At time of writing the show has almost 7 times the amount of dislikes as it does likes.

It was so bad that he felt compelled to later apologize for it.

He even had to respond to claims from Alex Jones who said that he is working for the CIA. And Jones is an old friend of Rogan. They hung out back in the 2000s and even filmed a crazy music video called “Belly of the Beast” where they took bong hits while wearing George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush masks.

Rogan says that he does not work for the CIA. Of course that doesn’t really matter since we already know that he is a shill for the Jews. The interview he did with that Jewess Bari Weiss from The New York Times proved that in spades. Rogan was basically agreeing with everything Weiss said.

The biggest problem with the Dorsey interview is that Rogan did not effectively press Dorsey on the mass censorship that has taken place on Twitter. Dorsey went so far as to claim that he had no idea why Alex Jones was banned from Twitter even though his social media ban was one of the biggest national news stories when it happened. Such a high profile ban would not have happened without his knowledge. It’s seriously insane to suggest otherwise.

But long story short, the interview was just Rogan shilling for Twitter and Dorsey. That’s why the interview has been so heavily disliked. Also, Dorsey would have never done the interview in the first place if he wasn’t aware of the fact that Rogan is a total and complete shill.

We are reaching a point where nobody will be allowed access to these big social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube unless you fully agree with Jews. This future is right around the corner.


Stars like Rogan are smart enough to please the Jews without being told what to say. It sounds like Joe is quickly using up what’s left of his credibility though…


Joe Rogan has always been a background character for me. I knew he did announcing for UFC back in the day (and I found him fucking annoying as Hell in that role, every time I saw him he was sniffing nigger jocks), and knew he’d become some kind of e-celeb since then, explaining all the mentions of him that I didn’t give a fuck about.

And the whole time, I assumed he was a Zhid because face, name, swarthy, celeb for running his mouth, sniffing of nigger jock. So I was surprised to learn recently that he isn’t Jewish.

Yeah, I know, great story, bro. I suppose my point is I never gave two fucks about this guy, one way or the other.


i wouldn’t be too surprised or certain that he isn’t a jew.
I cant count on both hands and feet how many fake Italians exist in hymiewood and the music biz.

Off the top of my head, Tommy Mottola sure suspiciously looks like a jew.
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