Jigaboos Go Nuts Over Racist Shooting of 7yo Black Girl


the media was all over this terrible racist shooting by a white man. only one problem. the shooter is a gang-banging NIGGER who opened-fire ON THE WRONG CAR. yeah, big surprise there, right? negros are desperate to pin the blame on whitey for the savagery of their own kind. Gang-banging niggers are murdering their fellow blacks ON A DAILY BASIS turning every single black area of our country into violent, no-go, shit-holes.

just in case some jigaboos are reading this: LISTEN, stupid niggers. we believe that we are superior to you black savages BECAUSE WE ARE and in a court of law could easily prove it. we don’t want to hurt you we want you TO BECOME CIVILIZED and to this end have done everything possible to make that happen but you NIGGERS keep being goddamned violent savages. so you flee to white neighborhoods to escape your own kind and then want to bitch about “racism” because you’re still a goddamned marble-mouthed MONKEY. FUCK YOU!


They are still insisting that the purely imaginary white man in the red truck is somehow culpable for leaving the scene of the crime.


lol… yeah, you’d stick around and wait for a 2nd drive-by shooting…


image----Bishop my ass you black ass piece of shit

This nigger gets an orgasm when he believes a white person killed someone…


If we are equal then why do you need all the government assistance and laws past to give you a handout. These people blame everything but the real problem… themselves. They are working the same playbook as the Jews. Except jews are smart, niggers are not.


He really means, another day, another made up hate crime.


A lot of slick-talkin’, flashy-dressin’ coons claim to be religious leaders, which means they don’t have a real job. The only black religious leader I like is the Honorable Minister Louis Farakan.


sure, because he makes his living agitating using a white religion to brainwash his supporters. what a complete turd… notice too that the fake news KNEW that this was an act of “racism” before they even had a suspect in custody. they are truly the enemy of the people.


well said, these scum are worse than jewtube cam whores