Jews Cry About Right-Wing March in Germany


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Jews are crying tears after a right-wing group was allowed to hold a march in an Eastern German town. Because they’re Neo-Nazis! Oy vey!


Germany’s leading Jewish organization expressed alarm Thursday over footage of flag-waving neo-Nazis in self-styled uniforms marching through an eastern German town on May Day unhindered by police.

Footage of the march Wednesday prompted widespread outrage in Germany and calls for authorities in the state of Saxony, where far-right sentiment is particularly strong, to step in.

“The images of the neo-Nazi march by The Third Way party in Plauen are disturbing and frightening,” said Josef Schuster, the head of Germany’s Central Council of Jews.

Noting that the rally took place on the eve of Yom HaShoah , the day when Jews commemorate the six million Jewish men, women and children murdered in the Holocaust, Schuster added that “right-wing extremists are marching in Saxony in a way that brings back memories of the darkest chapter in German history.”

German security agencies say The Third Way, a relatively small party, has close ties to far-right extremists. The march in Plauen took place to the beat of heavy drums made to look like those used by the Hitler Youth. Participants shouted slogans such as “Criminal foreigners out!” and “National socialism now!”

Saxony police said several hundred people took part in the march. Counter-protesters were kept away.

Police said they are investigating nine people for illegally covering their faces during the event and another for insulting an officer, but described the day as a success from a policing perspective because there was no violence.

The Central Council of Jews said authorities should have prevented the march from taking place at all.

Who the fuck are these Jews to dictate what type of political events are held in Germany? They’re actually upset that the march was allowed to be held at all. This would be like a German group in Israel denouncing a political march of Zionists in Tel Aviv.

This just shows that the Jew is the eternal parasite. It’s no wonder why Adolf Hitler wanted to get rid of these kikes. They are the race of the devil. Their behavior proves this each and every day.


It´s still in the German news. The comrades of “Dritter Weg/The Third Way” are based in the East. They are good people. Unfortunately they have some rivalry with the NPD.


Darkest chapter according to who?

This kind of word play which Jews do often is intended to dismiss and shame other opinions.


"Schuster added that “right-wing extremists are marching in Saxony in a way that brings back memories of the darkest chapter in German history.”…WRONG Schuster. The darkest day was when Germany out of the goodness of their hearts, allowed you subversive parasites into their lands in the first place.


what is really maddening is that The Jews got bonafide Germans to imprison their own people for exposing Jew lies… imagine trying to get Jews in Israel to jail their fellow Jews for exposing Goyim lies. it’s laughable… The filthy Jews see this weakness as a sign that The Goyim are inferior and deserve to be subjugated. THIS is why they are so worried about The Right Wing German people because they don’t behave like the weak, malleable Germans that they easily control.