Jews Claim it is a "Paradox" That Holocaust Survivors Lived Long Lives


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The Jewish media is claiming that it is a “paradox” that Jewish Holocaust survivors lived such long lives. The homosexual Jew Matt Drudge even linked to this article on his Drudge Report site.

Just look at the headline from Bloomberg and try not to laugh.


Sunday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, causing me to think about an assertion I heard from an elementary school teacher. She said that even those who survived the Holocaust were so debilitated that the rest of their lives would be short. As with many things I learned in elementary school, the reality is more complicated, and my 10-year-old self would be glad to know that my teacher was probably more wrong than right.

Living through a horrendous event, like confinement in a concentration camp or prisoner-of-war camp, does create health problems serious enough to shorten most people’s lives. But those who survive also seem to have other characteristics — perhaps a stronger immune system and a more optimistic outlook than the general population — that tend to make people live longer. New research suggests that such resilience can often overcome scarring.

The most comprehensive evidence on Holocaust survivors comes from a new analysis in the American Medical Association publication JAMA by a team of Israeli researchers. It compared Holocaust survivors born in Europe between 1911 and 1945 who later moved to Israel to people born in Palestine over the same period. The sample included more than 38,000 Holocaust survivors and a comparison group of almost 35,000 Israelis born in the territory that became their country in 1948. Data on both the survivors and the control group came from the Maccabi Healthcare Services, which provides health insurance to about a quarter of the Israeli population.

The entire premise of the piece is centered around Israeli research. In other words, you can’t trust any of it.

And the article itself is written by Peter Orszrag one of the most Jewish looking Jews imaginable.

The fact of the matter is that there is no paradox. The Jewish Holocaust of six million never happened. There were no shower room gas chambers, masturbation machines or death roller coasters. They’re all fantasies conjured up in the sick minds of Jews.

The Jews were treated no different than how the United States treated the Japanese population living in America during World War II. In fact, one could argue that they were treated much better. There are all sorts of stories about football games and brothels at these camps. Deaths at the camps were largely the result of the allies destroying Germany’s infrastructure making it impossible for them to maintain them.

Plus, many Jews have falsely claimed to be so-called Holocaust survivors for personal gain. Take in point the Jew who made up a bullshit story about the Holocaust but justified it by saying it was “real in his mind.”

The bottom line is that the Holocaust is a hoax and the reason why all these Jews lived such long lives is that they did not suffer all the things that they allege. They’re a bunch of filthy liars.


Health and wellness - Germany simply does you good


How long are people going to continue to believe these preposterous stories?


Also, there were no ‘stairs of death’ and no ‘electric floors’, neither were there any shitting diamonds, ok there might have been that, wouldn’t surprise me…


if a masturbation death machine existed you know that the pervs would have made videos by now.


@ForlornHope No one except for aging, Israel First Babby Boomers believe the “6 million jews were gassed to death in a disinfectant closet” story.


It is well known that anyone who spent a lot of time as a prisoner in a dungeon or hard labor camp usually gets their health ruined as a result and either doesn’t live very long after being released or spends the rest of their lives with serious health problems. None of that is the case with Hoax “survivors”, the youngest of whom would have to be in their 80s by now. What’s the likelihood that so many “survivors” of something that ended 75 years ago would still be around today to complain about it?


Survivors, as you know, weren’t limited to the camps but rather any jew who lived in any German occupied territory. My thought is those long nosed survivors were the ones that had strong enough legs to run ahead of the shoah patrol and lived to complain about it.


End of story.



I really hope you’re right. I have found the stupidity and gullibility of the general public to be virtually bottomless.


Fact that there were Nazi masturbation death devices in the death camps and all witness testimony is true Goy


I would look at POWs from all of the wars we have been in and cross that with health and longevity and you would find people who suffer from torture die younger and have serious health problems.


Speaking of hebes, Trump said on Face the Nation today that the US will be keeping troops in Syria because we goyim have a duty to protect Muh Israel tenor


Fact: Trumf is a servant and hoor of the juws.