Jewish invasion plot against white nations. How deep is the subversive Jew element?


This invasion didn’t happen by accident.

This hit list is taken from an excellent Twitter feed set up by Andrew Joyce of TOO fame, naming the Tribe members running all the major immigrant and refugee organizations.

It was shoahed in no time at all, however it has been preserved in PDF format in the link at the bottom. Please share this list as much as you can.

These are not people that believe in humanity rather the destruction of white society. Yet we are labeled as evil for the protection of our race.
Read the names and how Jews undermine everyone but them.


Spot on. It’s their fundamental doctrine. Excellent PDF. Thanks so much.


Thank you. I got it from friends from another place.
Download the doc. It will be needed later.


What are we going to do about these ugly, subversive rat people who are literally trying to kill us?


It won’t let me download it


I’ll repost the link, one second.
@BasedBemidji does it work now?


Got it thanks…20 characters