Jewish 60 Minutes Falsely Portrays Jewish YouTube as Free Speech Site


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The Jewish 60 Minutes show that airs on the Jewish network of CBS did an insane segment on the Jewish social media site YouTube last night. The Jewish reporter Lesley Stahl interviewed the Jewish CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki as part of the piece.

My Daily Stormer article goes into more detail about it, but essentially the segment portrayed YouTube as a free speech platform that wasn’t doing enough to censor bad things that people upload.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki tries to police the site while maintaining an open platform. But the company’s commitment to free speech can lead to a narrow definition of what videos are considered harmful.

— 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) December 2, 2019

Obviously, YouTube is not a free speech platform. It can’t even be considered a platform because of all the bans and ridiculous censorship mechanism they have employed. 60 Minutes just believes they haven’t gone far enough with the bans and shut downs.

The entire 60 Minutes segment was some of the most deranged Jewish bullshit imaginable. All lies, propaganda and spin to justify an increasing amount of Jewish Internet censorship.


A video I made about Israel’s role in 9/11, and posted in 2009, was only just removed last Friday. According to JewTube’s email, they determined that it violates their “guidelines”.


Whereas according to their website, it violates their “policy on hate speech”. I.e., anything that exposes Jews’ crimes, terrorism and atrocities, etc…

So it’s been online for more than ten years, which is most of the time of YT’s existence, and they’ve only now determined that they need to shut it down.

But (((Susan Wojcicki and her underlings))) still haven’t figured out that someone mirrored the video elsewhere at YT.

And as can be seen, even in the second half of the video where I go into the matter of who did 9/11, I don’t even mention “Jews”. There is one reference to a CEO who got an award from the American Jewish Congress, and several references to Israelis and the Mossad. But any attempt to tell the truth will inexorably lead to Jewish crimes.

It’s now got to the point where (((they))) even censor quite tame material that makes every effort to avoid discussing race or religion. And it’s laughable that (((they))) can still claim to be a free speech platform.


i didnt know this, was wondering why they kept her around when she’s so old