Jewess Patricia Arquette Attacks White People


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The other day, the Jewish actress Rosanna Arquette falsely claimed to be a White person and publicly apologized for being White. She was roundly condemned for doing the whole “my fellow White people” trick that Jews are famous for.

As a result, she locked her Twitter account and claimed that she did this per the instruction of the FBI.

Now her Jewish sister Patricia Arquette has taken to Twitter to attack White people claiming that our ancestors did all sorts of awful things to blacks.

If you don’t know the sweeping and historic brutality the white race has perpetrated against people of color in America you are indeed a fool or someone who didn’t make it to 5th grade.

— Patricia Arquette (@PattyArquette) August 8, 2019

She fails to note that Jews were the primary group behind the slave ships.

And besides, blacks should be thankful that their ancestors were brought over to America. If they weren’t, they’d be chucking spears around the jungles of Africa. Overall, it hasn’t been a bad deal for them.

There’s some pretty woke responses to her.

Hostile, Anti-White Jews like the "Arquettes" pose as White people while demonizing & demoralizing White people for cherry picked moments in history not unique to White people alone.

Yet you'll never hear them condemn Non-Whites (incl Jews) for their past and current atrocities.

— Frontierland (@Fr0ntierland) August 9, 2019

Listen yenta: your tribe owned the slave ships, disproportionately owned slaves and historically ran almost every slave trade in or near Europe and the ME. People in glass houses. Take the gigantic rock out of your tribe’s eye before telling whites to take the speck out of theirs

— End Immigrant Welfare (@WelfareEnd) August 9, 2019

You are so ignorant , who hell are you to tell what Whites are…

You just an ignorant in History , in Science , in anything,

just STFU stupid ignorant

— Yuza (@DeLaVandal) August 9, 2019

Logs and specks. Your own ethnic identity derives from a criminal cult that preaches slavery to this day. What did Jesus say about it all? Who owned the slave ships? Who loves to enslave with debt/money? Don't try to pick the specks out of the eyes of others when you're blind

— CWatsonMYNYM (@CMynym) August 9, 2019

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m really getting sick of these god damn Jews and their retarded chicanery.


The irony is that every time the jews continue with their “white guilt” rhetoric posts on the internet, more people get jew-aware reading the replies done by jew-aware people. Don’t these jews know when to stop? It comes out to be even more tiring every time a jew starts with their “muh white guilt” that more white people start to desensitize from such accusations.


Let them continue going down this path. The more they show their true face, the better.