Jew woman, 104, among her 400 'relatives' show up at Western wall to celebrate the Shoah


Apparently how a centrarian that “survived” the holohoax have 400 relatives? To us, third or 4th cousins or further out of bloodline are considered too distant to be part of family. So however, the kikes do not. Mabye we should adopt the concept to make us stronger. I have an large family affair (typical Italian family) but 400? Definitely just an embellishing frill to fortify the Shoah business of the Holohoax. Seriously fuck them and focus on our strength of our own pedigree. It’s really important but sadly yeahh they had destroyed our unity and atomized every white goyim. Stand strong and warn about the dangers of the kikes, just like us Italians.


The only thing missing was an MG 42 nearby…


These survivors are amazingly prolific and long-lived.


I remember when Facebook came out, and people started posting “edgy” material. There was a Facebook Group called (((Third Generation Survivors of The Shoah))). I stole this line from an Edge Lord who wrote, “I can’t wait until the Shoah Survivors born in 1975 start speaking in schools”. Notice, the definition of a (((Shoah))) Survivor is shall we say fluid.


And don’t forget, (((Science))) has proven that the terrible trauma of the holocaust can be genetically transmitted to the offspring of the victims.