Jew-Run Facebook Bans Several Italian Right-Wing Accounts


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The Jew-run website of Facebook has decided to interfere in European elections by banning several Italian right-wing accounts from the site. All this just before the European elections later this month.


Facebook said on Sunday it had taken down numerous Italian accounts on its platform that were false or were spreading fake news ahead of a European parliamentary election later this month.

The European Union has warned of foreign interference in campaigning for the vote of May 23-26, and in April the European Commission urged Google, Facebook and Twitter to do more to tackle fake news before the poll.

“We have removed a series of false and duplicated accounts which violated our authenticity policy, as well as several pages due to violation of rules on name changing,” a spokesman for Facebook in Italy said in an emailed statement.

“We also took action against some pages that repeatedly spread incorrect information,” he said, adding that an investigation by online activist group Avaaz had prompted the decision.

Avaaz said on Sunday that Facebook had taken down 23 Italian accounts with a total of more than 2.46 million followers which were spreading “false information and divisive content” over issues such as migration and vaccines as well as anti-Semitism.

More than half the accounts taken down supported either the 5-Star or the League, the two parties in the Rome government coalition, Avaaz said.

I’m so sick of this awful Jewish website. Who the fuck are they to determine what is accurate information and what isn’t? These fools are not the arbiters of all truth yet they act like they are.

Italy’s government should take immediate action against Facebook for this obvious election interference. If Facebook was really concerned about “fake news” than they would have banned CNN, MSNBC and other news networks run by Jews that push endless lies. But obviously they don’t do that. This whole war on “fake news” is a hoax designed for Jews to shut down people and organizations that they dislike.


This is the test run for every election from now until the Globalist agenda is enshrined in planetary law. Any position that is right of center and involves a discussion on national sovereignty and individual rights will be silenced. We have left the space of objective reality and are living in subjective reality - if fact don’t care about your feelings then ban facts. It is straight out of 1984 where the past is being rewritten on the fly or just removed.


Bingo was his name O, lol as always right on the button good job Sir.


Not to be out of left field but have you or anybody else felt that some of our memories are false and had not happened like our space time has merged with a similar one. No sarcasm. Seriously it’s like I remember my dreams as real life but I know it’s not real.


I have long had the feeling that we are trapped in a dystopian alternate world where evil always triumphs and all that is good and noble is brought down.


it’s called, The Human Condition.


Can’t have White politicians protecting White populations.

Italy “Declares War On NGOs” - Will Fine Boats For Rescuing Immigrants

Italy's government is planning to issue a decree that would mean NGO rescue boats would be fined up to €5,500 (£4,760) for each migrant they disembark on to Italian soil.

Watch your back, Salvini! Watch your back. Especially if/when traveling by air and in foreign countries.


I saw a vid on jewtube about that. It had the “Luke, I am your father” discussion etc. Art Bell also used to do those call in’s for people who are from an alternative timeline and somehow ended up in this current one. There is a lot of research on the non-locality of consciousness both in time and space and this is the focus of events like remote-viewing and precognition etc. Personally I think that personal consciousness is a subset of a larger consciousness and although we are individuals there is a certain amount of bleed over of experience. Everyone has a story about a precognitive dream or a bad feeling that saves or changes a life. There is a lot more to us than meets the eye and we also have more control over our own destiny than ‘the powers that be’ would like us to know.


As an Italian, I am upset, yet I feel optimistic. We Italians are very socially cohesive people. They are likely to stick out for each other than our northern brothers. No offend, but it’s in their DNA but the northern brothers can learn alot from us in order to save Europe!


The Human condition? Yes partly. But i would say the Jew Condition is more over the target.