Jew NYT Iraq War Hoaxer Judith Miller Pushes Venezuelan War


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I thought I was done commenting about Venezuela today until I saw Anglin’s piece on this story over at the Daily Stormer. This shit is so fucking ridiculous that I am having a hard time comprehending it.

For those of you who don’t recall, the Jew writer for The New York Times Judith Miller was the primary media figure who pushed the hoax about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. This hoax was used to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Even though she disgraced herself in the process, she successfully sold the war to the American people.

Miller is now being given a platform on Fox News to shill for an invasion of Venezuela. Not only was she on television shilling for war, but she wrote an op-ed explaining all the reasons why we need to invade the country.

Why the fuck would Fox News or any credible media outlet give a platform to a Jew like Miller who was previously caught promoting a hoax that led to one of the most awful wars in American history? And to hype a new war no less!

In a sane world, such a person would have been banished from the media profession if not thrown in prison. But in Jewish clown world, this bitch is still given a platform to shill propaganda to get America into a new war.

To hell with this kike bitch and to hell with her kike race. And fuck Fox News for giving this cunt a platform to spew her lies.



i don’t know about you but i’m enjoying the hell out of this Venezuela insanity and i’d love for the US army to go down there and get their asses kicked. but what is likely is that they will get The Columbians to do their dirty work and offer air support. hopefully Russia and China are dug-in and won’t tolerate the corrupt USA invading yet another country with which they have economic and military ties.

Jews going live to get The Goyim to support more war is a sign that Pompeo’s CIA is INEPT and can no longer figure out ways to subvert countries the old fashioned way and now must trick the moron masses into an all-out war.

this is nothing short of a WWII scenario whereby the characters have been switched. now, Russia takes the place of Germany fighting against globalist Jew Banksters and they are winning one country at a time. this is what has the USA so worried. when the world tells the jews to go fuck themselves and they all dump The Dollar, The USA will fall into ruin and civil war will result. this will be my dream come true.

and there is fake news rumblings that Russia has secretly installed nuclear weapons in Venezuela which is not likely, at least not at this stage of the conflict. i’m sure that this story is designed to garner support for more illegal war.

it will be interesting to see if the moron masses give The Orange Goon the green light to invade. Pompeo is hoping that they’ve forgotten about the insane Bush wars in the Mid-East despite the fact that they are ongoing…

one has to wonder what it will take before The US Military has had enough of being disposable war pawns for The Jews. why can’t they order their soldiers to invade Washington DC instead?


Facts don’t matter to libtards. It is basic provincial thinking as done by females; there is no right and wrong, only winners & losers…