Jew Michael Cohen to Testify in Front of Congress


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The Jewish media is making a big deal about President Trump’s former Jew lawyer Michael Cohen getting scheduled to testify in front of Congress. The only reason they would do this is to try to turn the hearing into a political circus.

Cohen has already been discredited as a witness after having been caught lying multiple times. He was sentenced to prison for engaging in fraudulent activities involving taxis and other chicanery. And he was compelled to plead guilty to lying to Congress and violating campaign finance laws as a way to try and implicate Trump in wrongdoing.

The Jewish media and the Democrats have been trying to claim that Trump paying a porno skank for her silence violated campaign finance laws. But this whole claim is insane. People sign nondisclosure agreements all the time and for all sorts of reasons. This is not an unlawful act. And even if you think it represents a campaign finance violation, these types of things have historically been taken care of with fines.

Apparently they’re going to try to link Cohen’s manufactured guilty plea on campaign finance laws to Trump. Cohen has nothing on so-called Russian collusion so that’s about the only card they can play.

I honestly don’t know why they’re doing this though. Cohen is a discredited person so nothing that he says will be viewed as credible. It’s also worth noting that the American people don’t give a shit about this devious Jew lawyer and a payoff to a porno slut. If this is the best Trump’s political enemies have, they’re not in a good spot.


to a normal, reasonable human, yes but this show isn’t for them. the fake news will pick and choose what to tell the masses.